Saturday, July 24, 2010

Check out this blog on service via @atjamie she had run in with paypal's service

I can say that I've had to deal with there customer service before & as for the there claims department it stinks too! I'm still out $200.00 from scam. - website fail

About a month ago, I started selling on eBay again. For me, this means lots of mailing envelopes, trips to the post office, and PayPal.

Ahh, PayPal!

I am certain there are a number of you thinking about your own PayPal mishaps (and if you are, e-mail them to me!).

But, anyway, in this case, it wasn’t really the service that stunk. Surprisingly, it was more the difficulty of using a business’ website.

So, I had sold items on eBay and had actually made some money! But when I took my PayPal card out of my wallet, I realized it had been expired for quite some time. - Whoops! - Apparently, it had been a while since I had eBayed and actually had to use that card.


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