Sunday, December 12, 2010

Movies, celebrities, & conversation

So, I just checked the google analytics on this site & so far to most people its a click through because I've got the rest of my blogs set up as a repeater band through the interwebs. That's not good & its not bad but it means I'm not establishing an audience.

The most clicks I've gotten was actually writing about Mark Zuckerburg & spelling out that the movie "The Social Network" was actually pretty good.  Nearly 300 may be I should figure out how do movies & celebrity reviews because it seems that's what everyone on the web is looking for or they wouldn't find my little hole in the wall that's been carved out in cyber space.

Finally, I look for conversation & a majority of the time I find it on Twitter unless I hang out here for an extended amount of time like the site is designed for.  I had conversation about a reality show that turned into me want substantial proof, not necessarily having to prove anything.  Just wanted to see the information but the person was not forthright about it.  They ran, it's so easy to do one thing on the internet which is stand your ground but then run when someone honestly asks something.  I'm not an over achier by any means in this life but its seems a I may have run into one of those so infinitely knowledgeable people that believes they don't have to prove one thing or another.  That's fine, I hope they google this & realize that I'm a harmless fly trying to learn about this world as much as them.  Considering they see Batgirl as there icon, to run was something Batgirl wouldn't do.  She'd fight until her last breathe, something any superhero would do for there cause.  Will you die for you cause?  I always am ready to...scary thought, right?  Decided that a long time ago friends.

Well, I've got to keep this short.  Headed to being of to be a vampire, not really.

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