Thursday, August 5, 2010

@CaliLewis via Solar Roads future of Energy?

Now that's interesting. In world where we thrive on batteries, electricity, clean water, fresh air, & other necessities that need to be replenished. How cool would it be if you could easily drive down the road to contribute back to that energy? Think about it. I think it would be totally AWESOME!
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Solar Roads: The New Energy/Transport Convergence Device?

There are 2 million miles of paved roads in the United States. Each of those miles has to be resurfaced periodically and the material generally used to pave roads is asphalt which is a petroleum product. So not only do you need to put gas in your family car, but the road you drive on also contributes to this country’s thirst for fossil fuels. But, what if that same road could instead be part of the production of green energy using solar panels. That wonderfully crazy idea is the brainchild of Scott Brusaw who is the CEO of Solar Roadways.

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