Saturday, May 21, 2011

I want do disagree but it did lack, depth & substance. @backofthehead

So, I'm grabbing someone else's content with my spin. Something I like about amplify because it means they get there content out as much as I do. So, my take on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is that it didn't add much to the "franchise". Seriously, I think they kind of did it just keep "Captain" Jack Sparrow on our minds & to see if they still had anything left offer us in ole idea box to throw at us. Think they need to take a break from the series. This one was kind of thrown out there & probably will be a less memorable one out of all of them. I did watch it in 3D which helped when they got to the fountain of youth but past that it didn't have enough pop to keep it this thing any where near sizzling.

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Compared to the previous Pirates, with the undead skeleton crewmen of the Black Pearl, the monstrous Kraken (sorely missed - God, do I miss the Kraken!), the motley menagerie of Pirate Lords, and the macabre sea goddess Calypso, On Stranger Tides is a more modest (read: dull) affair. Imagination seems to be sorely lacking, with the final confrontation at the Fountain of Youth taking place in a cave not unlike the final battle in Curse of the Black Pearl. Speaking of the Black Pearl, Jack's beloved pirate ship remains shrunken in a bottle by Blackbeard (oh yes, he had the magical power to shrink pirate ships into bottles), giving Jack license to embark on a fifth Pirates movie. That shivers me timbers.

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