Thursday, April 25, 2013

Midnight Muse #5

Maddie Madness

How I desire this fair maiden
She's really quite a delight
And she likes to watch
Men in tights fight.

Working in wrestling is her goal
And that is a dream of mine too
To reach the professional level
Watch this story unfold.

How her and I met is really odd
Just passing by in a mess
Of mass transit
Wrestlemania was the destination.

It struck me instantly she was different
And really nice
In 80,000 people
How in the world do you meet twice?

"A series of accidents"
Or just being drawn
It was apparently meant to happen somewhere in the stars.

Now it's only been two weeks
My thoughts wonder constantly to her
Like a heat seeking missle
I find myself burning & yearning for her.

She is really laid back
Funny quirky and odd
Yet it is right up my alley
All the interest run.

Wanting to land this one
Give it a chance
Find the love life
And true romance.

Already a best friend
Check that off
We get along like
Bonnie and Clyde.

Except we are not robbing banks
Or breaking any laws
About to take the world by storm
And watch Maddie Madness take it all.